Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Portraits

I had planned to further discuss holidays, but a friend has painted portraits of me and my family, and my friend Galadriel says you might be interested.

Abigail, daughter of a friend of mine. Her family portrait is below.
My son Joel.
Keturah and her sister Abigail on the left, with their parents Tirzah and Arioch on the right.

The top of these two portraits is more accurate with tunic length, but the bottom is a better likeness of my wife. Both show my son Joel, my wife Elizabeth, and me.


  1. Ooh, I like these. Characters portraits are so much fun!

    1. The site is Some of the ones are a bit suggestive until you get them dressed, but the "guy" one is pretty good, and the Game of Thrones was what I used for the majority of these. The portrait maker is good for close-ups of preteen-20s girls, but I haven't found anything yet that allows wrinkles:(

    2. I'm having way more fun with that than should be allowed.